Sunday, March 9, 2008

Helen of Troy: NEWSFLASH

At CSL we are pretty simple with our makeup regimen, but we are always open to new ideas, products and technologies.

The new L.U.C.I ( Luminescent colourless colour intelligence) eyes collection from Lancôme is inspired by ‘lux’, the Latin word for light: an homage to the very first woman, as well as the modern woman today. Case in point? The campaign starring Daria Werbowy and Selena Breed, shot by Dusan Relijn evokes the futuristic embodiment of science fiction. The result is beautiful as always, and has the right balance of beauty and innovation. We like that Lancôme continues to push forward their brand.

Gucci Westman-Neville, makeup artist extraordinaire was instrumental in the development of the collection. On the new bandwagon of creating a holistic approach to skincare and makeup, the line is based on mineral components in the new L.U.C.I collection (mica, metal oxides, silica). This means no more clogged pores! The result is a formulation that is whisper thin, and milled fine for an incredibly smooth application- like silk! The best part is the subtle shimmer which helps accentuate and highlight the angles of the face. Your cheekbones deserve a little attention now and then, don’t they?! The makeup (L.U.C.I Phototonic foundation) itself is completely colourless; thus melding with EVERY skin tone- and the best part is the built in applicator which makes it practical for travelling, or for everyday use.

The most beautiful packaging is from the L.U.C.I eyes collection. Resembling a clamshell (complete with a pearl inside (how adorable)) the casing is a white metal, which was designed by Alexis Mabille and comes with a black velvet bag, and silver applicator which adds a nice touch. It is heavy little thing, but you will definitely have admirers gawking at your little Lancôme clam- really a very stunning piece.

We tested the ‘Ray of Purple Light’ L.U.C.I eyes. The finely milled eyeshadow was easy to apply; ok we’re no Gucci Westman-Neville, but Lancôme makes it easy to blend both the iridescent lighter shade, and the more intense blue/ purple colour. The bold colour is not for every day, but it is fun to play with these colours. A little goes a long way- and at just under $50, the splurge is one that you will be happy you made; this will no doubt be a collectors piece.


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