Sunday, October 25, 2009


Another Halloween is around the corner (check out this cute house CSL spotted), and what better way to compost/recycle than by taking your pumpkins to a number of recycling units around Calgary.

Refer to the list below, for a location near you:

1) Albert Park/ Radisson Heights Community Centre 1310 28th St. S.E.
2) Bob Bahan Pool 4812 14th Ave. S.E.
3) Bowness 7937 43rd Ave. N.W.
4) Braeside Athletic Park 256 Brookpark Dr. S.W.
5) Bottomsland Park St. Georges Dr. and Seventh Ave. N.E.
6) Confederation Park 905 30th Ave. N.W.
7) Crescent Heights Community Centre 1101 Second St. N.W.
8) Dover Community Centre 3033 30th Ave. S.E.
9) Edgemont Reservoir Site 6911 Edgemont Dr. N.W.
10) EMS Station #6 1940 Westmount Blvd. N.W.
11) Lake Bonavista East entrance to Lake Bonavista
1301 Acadia Dr. S.E.
12) Glamorgan Community Centre 4207 41st Ave. S.W.
13) Haysboro Community Centre 1204 89th Ave. S.W.
14) Marlborough Park 5903 Madigan Dr. N.E.
15) Mayland Heights Deerfoot Athletic Park West of 16th St. N.E., access from 14th Ave. N.E.
16) North Glenmore Park 6615 37th St. S.W.
17) North Haven Community Centre 5003 North Haven Dr. N.W.
18) Park 116 (Huntington Hills Athletic Park) 7920 Fourth St. & Huntstrom Dr. N.E.
19) Park 96 14660 Parkland Blvd. S.E.
20) Pop Davies/Ogden Athletic Park Ogden Rd and Millcan Rd. S.E.
21) Rockyview Alliance Church 6927 Rundlehorn Dr. N.E.
22) Birthplace Forest at Silver Springs Park 37 Silver Springs Dr. N.W.
23) South Calgary Community Centre 3130 16th St. S.W.
24) South Fish Creek Recreation Assoc. 333 Shawville Blvd. S.E.
25) South Glenmore Park Access off 90th Ave. and 24th St. S.W.
26) St.Andrews Heights Community Centre 2504 13th Ave. N.W.
27) Stanley Park 330 42nd Ave. S.W.
28) Triwood Community Centre 2244 Chicoutimi Dr. N.W.
29) Varsity Athletic Park 39th St. and 46th Ave. N.W.
30) Wildwood Community Centre 4411 Spruce Dr. S.W.
31) Woodbine Athletic Park 12625 24th St. S.W.
32) Spyhill Landfill Site 69th St. and 112th Ave. N.W.
33) East Calgary Landfill Site 17th Ave. and 68th St. S.E.
34) Shepard Landfill Site 114th Ave. and 52nd St. S.E.
Give your pumpkin another life and bring it to a recycling facility!

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