Monday, March 29, 2010


Bissinger’s Goji, Guava With Camu Camu Gummy pandas AND Bissinger’s Blueberry Acai Gummy pandas

Are gummy bears that are good for you an oxymoron? It sure did not stop Bissinger’s. Made from organic antioxidant rich ingredients like camu camu, goji, and blueberries (two separate flavours), these gluten free gummy bears are slightly stiffer than typical with a sour but pleasant aftertaste. I liked the fact that these gummies were not oily, and did not stick in my teeth. With a resealable bag to keep in freshness, and natural sweeteners for flavour, it’s little wonder they were Awarded “Outstanding Confection” at the 54th Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City.

(1 lb each, $14 USD plus shipping,

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