Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Executive Chef Giuseppe Di Gennaro smiles as he plates the appetizer of calamari salad (a lime sweet and sour sauce with orange supremes and bitter greens).
A tablescape- blue and white adds a fresh modernity

The attendees- a selection of Chef's best patrons
An elegant presentation; a trio of pasta (tagliolini with lemon, gnocchi with lobster americfaine sauce and truffle oil and ravioli bolognese)
CSL was invited to the Exclusive Visa infinite dinner at Capo. Guests included David Walker, John Gilchrist and Don House. The event was the cap off to the Salut wine and food festival, a tenday long celebration (April 7-17 2010) that included a chef elimination challenge, california wine fair, AGC cooks dinner and much more.
Dinner included a pasta demonstration from Chef, excellent service and of course a four course meal that was lovely.
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