Saturday, August 28, 2010


Salad dressings from Domine Le Cageot

Dark chocolates from the Trappist monks of Quebec

As you know, one of the CSL teams was just back from the Saguenay region of Quebec (see post below). The region is well known for their production of blueberries. In fact blueberries are so much a part of the revion, that the people from this region refer to themselves as "blueberries".

Everyone was all abuzz about the "peres trappistes" chocolate covered blueberries, which we have been enjoying addictively since we received them. They burst in your mouth with the juice of the berry exploding, and a crunchy chocolate exterior (one must keep the little bites refrigerated).

We also have been enjoying the raspberry and the blueberry salad dressing from Domaine Le Cageot. A refreshing sweet, mildly tangy dressing has been the favourite topping for some staffers' salads, coleslaw's and even marinades. Please excuse the empty bottle pictures above it was consumed in less than 5 days - leaving no time for picture taking.

Needless to say, we can't wait for our next excursion to Quebec!!

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