Thursday, September 23, 2010


Monja and Neil in Grenada. (courtesy Grenada Explorer)

1. Tell us a little bit about Grenada Explorer

We offer web design, hosting and internet marketing services, and that is
our primary business. [When we could not find any information on Grenada while searching the web] we decided to create a main database where we could consolidate all this information on the Internet, and which would be easily accessable to visitors. Our website is not only for the bigger companies and businesses on the island, however, but for everyone. Whether its someone who has a taxi service, guest house or a hotel chain, we show no favourites.

Please visit the following link for more about why we started

2. Why is Grenada a great place to live?

The people are friendly, and helpful. The island itself has a little of everything - waterfalls, rivers, white and black sand beaches, deserted islands just a stones throw away.

Additionally, there is not the hustle and bustle associated with other places. Things still work on 'island time' here.

3. What are some gems in Grenada (things the average traveller should come for and perhaps some things they would not know about)?

The waterfalls, many of which are off the beaten track.
Hiking through the rain forest.
The diving and snorkeling. Grenada has some wonderful wrecks to dive, and many of them are within the range of regular divers.

4. What is your favourite experience on the island?

One of our favourite experiences on the island is Hashing and discovering places which are virtually unknown to most people. We have discovered more waterfalls and cascades than you would believe, and there are always little surprises waiting just around the corner.

5. What has been the most memorable hash to date?

Wow! That is a very long list to choose from. However, one of the most startling was quite recently when we were hashing up a stream and found our way blocked by a hollow in the hillside, which had a small waterfall in front of it. It was literally a case where you parted the branches of the vegetation in front of you and found that you were standing at the foot of a small waterfall.


See more about Grenada in the Fall 2010 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

You may visit the digital edition of City Style and Living magazine at the following address (followthe three simple steps to access the full magazine, online) :

1) go to
2) click on the 'front cover' image, on the left hand side of your screen
3) to flip through the e-magazine, click on the bottom right hand cornerof the magazine, just as you would a magazine!

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