Saturday, November 20, 2010


Photography courtesy SUU Hotels

Looking for a great stay this holiday season?

The SUU Hotels, a remarkable brand of lifestyle small hotels, recently announced the opening of The SUU Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica.

“The SUU Hotels bring a compelling blend of natural outdoor beauty with sleek, modern and elegant d├ęcor,” said Cenk Kinay, CEO and founder of The SUU. “We want our brand to distinguish itself from the others by providing superb personal service in a relaxed and elegant refuge in the most spectacular destinations of the world.”

The SUU Manuel Antonio, is located in the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica, just a few minutes away from Manuel Antonio’s world-famous national park. Within walking distance from the hotel, is the beautiful Biesanz Beach, which is easily accessible by a trail through the forest.

The SUU’s luxurious services include complimentary Yoga classes to help guests reach a place of absolute bliss and contentment; poolside butlers that are present to extend personalized service, while serving an afternoon fruit sorbet, fresh towels and cucumbers; and serene indoor and outdoor spa services with organic products that include natural spices, fruits and minerals indigenous to the area.

The SUU also provides an exquisite dining experience to suit everyone’s tastes. Each menu item is made with fresh and organic ingredients and can be served on each guest’s terrace, poolside, beneath a canopy of stars or overlooking the deep blue sea. For those looking for a more intimate experience, a personal chef is also available upon request. Special Xantos menu items have been pre-selected so that gastronomes can distinguish The SUU’s signature dishes. Guests can also enjoy the hotels’ exclusive wine selection, while watching the sunset and taking in the picturesque oceanic views.

Active travelers can engage in adrenaline pumping adventure, such as white water rafting in wild rapids, ziplining through abundant rainforests, surfing with Central America’s greatest wave breaks, ATV riding through winding mountain roads and sport fishing for the best catches in the region.

Travelers looking to enjoy a laid-back picturesque vacation can enjoy snorkeling, while exploring the beaches’ coral reefs; walking through the national park’s tropical trails, while bird-watching and spotting out howler monkeys, sloths, iguanas and the endangered squirrel monkeys; indulging in luxurious spa services alongside the coast; or simply sunbathing on the shore of a picturesque bay.

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