Thursday, May 5, 2011


Festive balloons to mark the occasion

A selection of Meats : (Barbacoa, Carne Asada), Chicken (Pollo), Pork (Carnitas, Chorizo), Fish (pan seared Tilapia) or Vegetarian

The uber friendly staff prepares the burritos

Choose your fillings, including a very nice and spicy salsa

To finish, the press warms up the burrito

A selection of soft drinks, including our favourite: Jamaica!

Warm tortilla chips, cookies, and a warm tortilla cinnamon roll
Photo's: K&S Media

We headed to check out Mucho Burrito in SouthEast Calgary for Cinco de Mayo. With a selection of Tacos, salads, quesadilla's and burrito's, a nice selection of meats to choose from, and a lively and entertaining staff we enjoyed the fast casual experience.

We ordered the 12" Chicken burrito (on whole wheat), and the Tilapia burrito, corn tortilla chips and salsa, and our favourite Mexican drinks: Tamarind and Jamaica (reminding us of our days in Cozumel).

We were happy that all of the toppings were extremely fresh, and even the beans and corn had a nice slightly smoked quality. If you are a hot head, you'll love the salsa (order extra spicy), which compared to others on the market, surprisingly packs at least a good tingle (Mucho Burrito also has a selection of house hot sauces).

To cap off the lunch, we had Mucho Burrito's take on a cinnamon roll: which we were happy to see weren't overly sweet or heavy. Bueno!

Mucho Burrito, six locations in Calgary: 275 Shawville Boulevard Southeast, Calgary

Catering and Takeout Available.

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