Saturday, June 11, 2011


Images Andras Schram; City Style and Living magazine

Fashion Television: "As creative director of Elle magazine, Zee is acutely aware that the [fashion] world has been inundated with bloggers… but is still a firm believer in the trend setting power of [fashion] magazines."

- Joe Zee: "I think you’ll always have the relevance of a [fashion] magazine. What it can do is present a real editorial point of view. What we tackle; you see glorious pages, you see glorious photography so you see glorious takes on how we perceive [fashion] to be, and that’s something technology can’t replace."

To read the digital version of City Style and Living magazine
(also available in print format)

1) go to

2) click on the 'front cover' image, on the left hand side of your screen

3) to flip through the e-magazine, click on the bottom right hand corner
of the magazine, just as you would our print magazine!

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