Friday, August 12, 2011


The storefront of Zexy Berry at Sunridge Mall

A shelf of accessories at the store

Owners Leila Zarif (right) and Farshid Bayat (left)

Inside the store

Chocolate covered strawberries are one of many items on offer

It’s been twelve years since Leila Zarif and Farshid Bayat arrived in Canada from their native Iran. “When we arrived, we only understood ‘hello”, remembers Sharif. The couple decided to open Zexy Berry after a trip to Europe where they fell in love with a similar concept.

Located in Sunridge mall, the sleek and modern brown and white decor allows customers to focus on the chocolate fondue concept. Guests can choose from four types of rich Belgian chocolate: white, milk, dark and sugar free to enrobe a variety of fruits, or drizzled atop waffles. Customers can also choose from a menu including hot chocolate and coffee.

With future goals to expand across the concept across Canada, the couple is excited about the mission of Zexy Berry. “Berries and chocolate are sexy. They’re both very healthy for you and plus the name is very catchy,” boasts Farshid.

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