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Guest contributor Stephanie Kolk at Kayben Farms

A delicious burger from Jojo's Cafe

Stephanie in the Kitchen

Dinner theatre – more than a kitchen dance party

Our kitchen has always been a noisy place, the sizzle of a sauté pan, the chugging of the ancient Hobart, and of course the kitchen staff belting out the chorus of a familiar show tune. Yes, show tunes. It is never an uncommon sight to peek over the kitchen doors and see us up to our elbows in gnocchi production singing like washed up Broadway dreamers. So when the Dewdney Players approached me about doing dinner theatre at the restaurant, I did a pirouette of joy. Of course in my jubilation I did not consider the low probability of my own tap solo.

Despite the star inside me screaming to show off my rusty show-stopping skills, the chef in me has risen to the challenge. As they say `the show must go on`. So to the foodie drawing board I went, humming a tune all the while. The show is a quirky and whimsical spin off the classic Romeo and Juliet, with the o-so clever title `Rodeo and Juli-ed`. Set in the old west, with dueling cowboys and risqué maidens the show is sure to impress. And of course, a dazzling show requires the same of the dinner. Dinner theatre would be just theatre without it. My first action plan, cowboy hat perched on my head was to google `cowboy food`. Now this was a laugh! The comedy accompaniment to all the drama. Armadillo pie, coyote stew, and of course moonshine. Now as you know I am an advocate of local fare, but the thought of sending my trusty sous chef out to shoot me a coyote seemed a bit off colour.

But the inspiration did come, and the plans are under way. Succulent free range southern barbecue chicken, herb and butter drizzled baby potatoes, and of course Grandma`s famous apple pie. Even the bar is showing their western spirit with `moonshine` and `sweet tea` cocktails. Be sure to come enjoy a night of dinner, theatre and dancing; just don`t be surprised if you hear me singing from the kitchen!

From Guests Contributor

Stephanie Kolk

Chef – JoJo`s Café

314064 32 St East, Okotoks
(403) 938-2857

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