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Andy Britton (80th and Ivy) explains to CSL the inspiration for his cocktail; a combination of Appleton Estate rum, spiced peach grenadine, mango white tea and tiki bitters. 

Britton's cocktail: Gonzo's Tiki Punch, great for Summertime

Andrew Gleason (Mango Shiva) adds a combination of Makers Mark bourbon, plum bitters, lime juice, soda and ginger syrup

Gleason's Victorian Red Head. Simple and delightful

Bryon King (Charcut) delivers Ponoma the goddess of fruit: a mix of Appleton Estate Rum, basil simple syrup, lemongrass, citrus,topped with homemade coconut ice cream.

Colin Tait (Raw Bar) and Kai Green (Melange) smile for the camera, working in tandem to create the Twisted Village cocktail

Tait with a huge grin, pours his Twisted Village: a combination of cardamon ice cream, Hendricks gin, and orange and juniper bitters.  This could be a dessert, luscious creamy and floral. Tait also served up delightful white chocolates filled with chocolate popping candy

 Emily Butt (Notable) infuses cherry and mesquite smoke, with an apple spice shrub, maple syrup lollipop and bitters.  A nice blend using spice.

Butt's Velvet Smoke made with Makers Mark bourbon

 Just back from Louisiana for another cocktail competition, Franz Swinton (Cube) as energetic as ever prepares a combination of Hendricks Gin, cucumber water and sparkling wine.

Swinton's Making Love (Out of Nothing at All).

Jimmy Nguyen (Cube) adds liquid nitrogen, adding a touch of drama, and has guests oohing and aahing, and who doesn't love cotton candy?

Nguyen's Edible Negroni: an fun edible cocktail expertly balanced with sweet vermouth, Campari and orange sorbet and juniper cotton candy

The panel of judges, take a short break.  (left to right): Priya Shah, Christina Mah, Jeff Meyer, Nishan Nepulongoda (front) founder and director, Made with Love Pierre O. Trempe

Kenton Hrynyk (Brix and Morsel) in signature bow tie smiles as he mixes up
his cocktail

Hrynyk's Ella Dijo using  Campari and Hendricks Gin, with a touch of spice (ancho chile) and sparkling wine
was a perfectly balanced blend of bitter, spice and sweet.

Nathan Head (Milk Tiger) swiftly prepares his cocktail, a blend of Canadian Club whisky and beer

Head's A Touch of Northern Hospitality, the subtlety of the earl grey tea infused beer, lemon juice and bitters
was very unique.

Rebecca Davis (Charcut) creates a relief from the hot weather, with a ginger snow cone

Davis' Skyy snowcone, (available in Coconut or ginger), a blend of Skyy vodka, lime juice, and jasmine or red pepper syrup.

Timo Salimaki (National) lightly bruises his shiso leaves to garnish his Skyy vodka cocktail.  "Blueberry and basil are a match made in heaven, and shiso has a  basil- like quality", adds Salimaki.

Salimaki's Shiso Sexy

Spenny Crosby (Anejo and Liquid Dynamix) uses a smoke machine with cherry wood
to infuse his cocktail, using Canadian Club Whisky

Crosby's Smoked Manhattan

Andy Britton - Trib Steakhouse
Andrew Gleason - Mango Shiva
Bryon King- Charcut
Colin Tait - Raw Bar
Emily Butt - Notable
Franz Swinton - Cube   
  Jimmy Nguyen - Cube
Kenton Hrynyk - Brix & Morsel
Nathan Head - Milk Tiger
Rebecca Davis - Charcut
Spenny Crosby - Anèjo & Liquid Dynamix
Timo Salimaki - Living Room

MWL Quebec City 2012 Winner - Dominic Primard - Le Savini
Jeff Meyer - Maker's Mark Brand Ambassador
Steven B. Phipps - CPBA Alberta

Jeff Meyer - Maker's Mark
Priya Shah - Campari America
Christina Mah - CPBA Alberta
Nishan Nepulongoda - MadeWithLove™

Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum
Canadian Club Whisky
Hendrick's Gin
Maker's Mark Bourbon
SKYY Vodka

Judges Choice:
3rd - Bryon King; Franz Swinton
2nd - Emily Butt
1st - Nathan Head
People's Choice
3rd - Emily Butt
2nd - Andrew Gleason
1st - Franz Swinton

After the qualifiers in May at Mango Shiva (see CSL's post here) , twelve competitors were selected to compete in the main event on Monday, July 30th on a hot and steamy day.  The packed to the brim Art Gallery of Calgary was the backdrop as the twelve finalists went head-to-head, each creating an original cocktail for guests to sample, savour and decide their vote. On each level of the gallery, guests chatted and sipped the unique creations.

For the Public's Choice, ticket holders were given twelve exclusive tastings of each libation, and signature silver 'Made with Love' dogtags to vote for their favourite. (It made it easy to spot the winner festooned in silver chains rapper style). 

The Judge's Choice winner was decided by the panel of judges, and based on originality, presentation and taste.

Each winner receives an all-expense-paid, three-day trip to Montreal, where they will showcase their talent, and an all-new drink at MadeWithLove™ Montreal edition to be held in December 2012.

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