Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cameron MacNeil on How to Create the Perfect Ambiance in the Home for the Holidays

When interior designer Cameron MacNeil consults on a space, his mind shifts first to the practical. “A home is all about human interaction,” explains MacNeil, who launched his career as a magazine design editor before branching out on his own as an independent interior designer. “I love the way you can make a space completely different,” says MacNeil, “by redesigning it top-to-bottom or changing up just a few little things,” and notes that “trash is one of those little things” that every renter and homeowner needs to deal with.

The bottom line? A foul or poorly placed garbage bin has the power to turn guests off - big time. When it comes to creating a warm and welcoming environment in the home, taking care of trash is an essential - but oft-forgot - element of interior design.

A lot people put garbage under the sink in the kitchen and the bathroom,” says MacNeil, “but my personal preference is to store recycling and garbage in a separate, dedicated cabinet.” That way, MacNeil explains, garbage is never the first thing guests see (or smell) when they enter your home. If building a garbage centre into your home isn’t a viable option, seek out a smart and stylish portable option, like a rustic wicker basket or a hammered metal bin that coordinates smartly with the room’s hardware.

“Finding a trash can with a lid is a simple way of keeping odour at bay,” says MacNeil, but even if you find the perfect, lidded bin to suit your aesthetic, smell has a tendency to wander.

“The line of Odour Guard® bags from GLAD definitely helps with odour,” explains MacNeil, who also veers toward fresh, seasonal flowers and scented candles to distract houseguests from unpleasant smells. Just like your favourite candle, MacNeil explains, “GLAD® Odour Guard® bags with febreze™ freshness work to neutralize trash odours.” It’s no surprise that Glad’s Odour Guard® collection of bags are popular among his clientele.

At the end of the day, MacNeil admits, “trash and odour are issues in even the most beautiful of homes.” While keeping trash and recycling materials organized and changing the bag daily are tried-and-true methods of keeping your home smelling fresh, using an odour neutralizing bag like GLAD® Odour Guard® bags with febreze™ freshness will give you that added sense of security.

MacNeils Trash Tips:

-    Keep kitchen scraps in a small, decorative container on your counter top. That way, youll empty it quickly - and avoid odour in the process.
-    Repurposing a colourful, lacquered box as a garbage bin is a cool and sophisticated solution for the bathroom bin.
-    If you are out of Glad® Odour Guard® bags but need to change the bin, make yourself a coffee. When Im in a bind, Ill put coffee grounds in the green bin - they help mask and neutralize any unpleasant scents.

 By Kailash and Shivana Maharaj

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