Thursday, August 20, 2015


Sunday Mornings should be filled with family, laughter and the clinking of glasses. One problem, the typical Sunday brunch out can be quite busy. You can end up waiting for hours, just to be seated at a crowded table in a very noisy restaurant. It’s time to skip the line but not skimp on flavour. Crazy Uncle’s got you covered this weekend with their mouthwatering, ready-to-drink Caesar cocktail.

Now you can sleep in, stay in your PJs and know that a simple and delectable cocktail is ready to enjoy. Embellish your glass with the perfectly crafted rimmer, pour over ice and enjoy! It’s simple. Now all you need to worry about is preparing brunch. Try pairing your cocktail with savory options such as an asparagus and goat cheese omelet, a succulent double decker BLT or even a fresh breakfast quesadilla.

The delicious Über Caesar was created by mixologist and celebrity Chef Guy Rubino. He was inspired to transform a traditional Canadian cocktail into a pre-made delight that always delivers the perfect kick. Unlike other one-pour cocktails, Crazy Uncle drinks are crafted with serious attention to quality, and a desire to keep the authentic, freshly made cocktail taste. The Über Caesar is the first and only All-Natural ready to drink Caesar cocktail.  It contains no MSG or artificial flavours.  All you get is a naturally delicious taste that pairs perfectly with any DIY brunch!

Whether you’re cooking Belgian waffles, French toast, or simply sausage and eggs, Crazy Uncle’s Über Caesar is the perfect companion to your Sunday morning.

The Uber Caesar can be found in your local Liquor Depot. 

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