Thursday, April 2, 2009


Remember the hand dryer's of yesteryear? Hot, overly drying, and requiring a long time to actually dry your hands. Well, CSL got a sneak preview of the revolutionary Dyson Airblade. Danielle (who actually helped design and develop the product) and Amy from Dyson explained the science behind the product. Like all Dyson products, they take a well-known appliance from our everyday life and make them work properly. The Airblade uses a HEPA filter to filter bacteria, it dries hands in 12 seconds and reduces waste produced from paper nakins. It is the only hand drier endorsed by the British Skin Instituion, the Royal Institute of Public Health and meets of exceeds NFS protocol. Now, for us, what does that really mean?
When we tried the machine there was an initial learing curve. As you can see from the photo, the design is completely different from the old school models. The air currents are massaging (that's what you get from air that is blown at 640 km/hour) and do not dry out your hands. However, there is a method to the Airblade - you put your hands down into the machine and pull them up whilst curling your fingers slightly.
Needless to say, we came back with very clean and dry hands.

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