Sunday, May 3, 2009


David Walker

Garth, manager at Olives chats with the crowd

Chef Jonathan Canning enjoys a taste

The spread

Robert Bunka shows off the caramel corn

Two guests enjoy the scene

David carefully pours a glass of cremant

There is one thing David Walker and his team excel at is the ability to make people come together around great wine. The friendly and accessible staff lend a refreshing atmosphere to 100 wines by David Walker. The tasting drew a sizeable crowd- greeted at the door with caramel popcorn (you guys really know how to get the party started!)

Several of David's (and his customers) favourites of 2008 were available for tasting, as well as a peek at new favourties from the 2009 collection.

The talented Executive chef at Olives, Jonathan Canning , treated guests to appetizers including grilled shrimp, tuna, salmon and beef tartare, adding, "David loves his tartare".

A lovely charcuterie platter of cheese, meet and olives was also served alongside the wine.

After one great year, here's to another 100!!

All photos copyright K&S Media 2009

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