Saturday, November 28, 2009


What if the person who invented chess forgot something wondered Martin Maheux, owner of Laurier Lounge and former chef?

This idea so captivated Maheux that he began to devise a change (or amelioration) to the venerable game of chess - adding a flagbearer and dragon (two additions which came to him in a dream).

At the international launch of his game, Crusade and Conquer, guests dined on Laurier Lounge fare, sipped wine and played the competitive, exciting game while a video featuring Maheux played on huge HDTVs throughout the historic home.

The New Game in Town

Martin Maheux chef turned inventor extraordinare.

Don Dragon , the game's mascot squares off with a fellow player.

Laurier lounge hosted the event, which included life-size costumed playing pieces.

The two new additonal pieces to the game - a dragon and a flagbearer.

The entire board game - a closer look at Crusade and Conquer.

Guests enjoyed salmon bruschetta, cucumber and tomato slices and shrimp and pate on baguette.

Skewered meats alongside fried broccoli.

A server happily brings out a platter for guests.

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