Wednesday, June 2, 2010


In honour of Spring and Summer (and snubbing at the recent snowfall in Calgary), Joey Chinook launched their patio party.

Amidst sunny skies, an ice statue doubles as a martini server.

Pretty window boxes and hanging baskets graced every corner of the patio.

The deejay plays as visitors gathers.

All guests were presented with the theme logo of the event- Cuerva's Joey flip flops.

Ceasar, one of the chefs on hand gets ready to prepare nibbles for the evening.

Red and white wine is served on the upstairs patio.

The signature cocktail of the event - a martini that tastes like sweet and sour candy.

Reagan is ready to serve drinks to the awaiting crowd.

The ever popular Bud Light lime - a refeshing summer drink.
Mini tuna tacos are presented on cucmber wedges.

The mini tacos served in a bowl.
The crowd at the event gathers near open windows.

A waitress gets ready to serve the crowd.
For dessert mini apple pie with vanilla ice cream.

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