Saturday, April 17, 2010


Sporting a printed quatrefoil (a signature motif of her brand) sequined dress under a blue coat that reveals bold striped lining when opened, Kimberley Newport-Mimran Co-Founder, President and Head Designer of Pink Tartan is ready for spring.

As "the face of the brand" her look is directional and inspirational. With classic pieces (think trench coats, a wrap dress with a pocket for a blackberry, and shift dresses), mixed with modern colourful pieces the line is wearable and feminine. As we speak, she suggests a pair of riding pants as the "must have for any travelling mother - if anything gets on it, it just wipes off." It is the sort of friendly, sisterly advice that Newport-Mimran seems to revel in.

Newport-Mimran presented a fashion show from her newest collection which showcased the timeless beauty of black and white punctuated with splashes of bold colour (corals, pinks).

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