Saturday, April 10, 2010


photography courtesy Dyson

Spring cleaning time is here begrudgingly, but that's why we love our Dyson Animal DC28. The upright vacuum (with Airmuscle technology) is literally that. Strolling it around on the carpet feels more like an unruly dog pulling it's owner; this cleaner is sheer muscle power.

Within seconds, you begin to realize the powerful cleaning properties that Mr. Dyson created. Equipped with a hepa filter, the Animal picks up dirt that you didn't even know existed in your home. Minuscule pieces of dust can be seen in the easy to empty canister. It's quite fascinating actually, like a science experiment to see just what the Animal picked up. Our Animal came with at least five extra cleaning tools, including a bristle brush, stiff bristle brush, mattress tool and a great stair tool.

The Animal is heavy duty, and as such is a little heavy weighing in at 9.35 kg, but hey look on the bright side, you're fitting in a bit of exercise with your cleaning. In fact the cyclone technology is unbelievable to watch, there is nothing like this on the market and from what we've heard there will be no need to purchase another vacuum for at least 10 years- or ever. this is an investment worth making.

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