Saturday, May 22, 2010


Some CSL staff members got together for a wonderful meal at Kensington Riverside Inn Chef's Table. Here are the photographic highlights.

Even some of the other tables were whispering about this whimsical bottle's desgn - a real beauty. Badoit, a sparkling mineral water from St.Galmier in France’s Loire Valley has a decidedly soft 'salty' but refreshing taste.

Executive chef Jeff Park sent out an amuse bouche of cheese and tomatoes, drizzled with sauce and topped with miniature greens

The lobster bisque arrives - poured over a crabcake by matire d' Ich Diocee who will, sadly, be soon leaving for Vancouver.

Scallops served over Puy lentils

Rosettes of salmon served with their roe and creme fraiche

Gnocchi in a butter and citrus sauce topped with fried sage. Very nice to taste the subtlety of fried sage. Sometimes this herb can be polarizing; lending a potent herbal flavour.

Roast chicken with a creamy cheesy cauliflower; a very rich substitute for potato, but well worth it. The roasted chicken was very large but perfectly juicy and crisp on the outside.

BC Halibut get a spring update with fiddleheads (for more recipes and ideas on fiddleheads see the Spring 2010 issue of City Style and Living Magazine). This was served atop a potato croquet.

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