Sunday, May 9, 2010


A cook tosses pizza dough high in the air.

The interior at Famoso, including a pizza oven imported from Naples, Italy. We like the lighting fixtures, which look like paper lanterns hanging high above.

This was one of our pizza's- the San Andreas ("new world pizza"), a combination of: extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and oregano base, fresh mozzarella, roasted chicken in a chilli lime marinade, topped with fresh avocado, diced roma tomatoes, onions, cilantro and drizzled with light cream. Very much like a taco on a pizza.
Our Thai chicken pizza- very interesting combination, including: a peanut satay sauce (as opposed to marinara), roasted chicken, fresh mozzarella, and smoked mozza. Baked, then topped with matchstick carrots, bean sprouts, cilantro and crushed peanuts.
All of the pizza's at Famoso must be eaten hot; which sounds obvious, but it really adds a special texture the Naples pizza requires. If you aren't used to Italian pizza, you will first notice the lack of sauce and cheese, as opposed to North American style pizza; a healthier version that doesn't weigh you down. The pizza's at Famoso are very refreshing and light tasting. It's a nice change.

We also tasted the Tiramisu, also imported from Italy.

The gelato at Famoso is from Fiasco here in Calgary. Flavours ranging from cheesecake, white chcolate raspberry, mango, lemon and nutella.

We finished the meal with the Mascarpone n berries with sugared dough. Sweet, tart and addictive.

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