Sunday, June 13, 2010


A boy holds a beach crab in Jamaica (Photograph by Derrick Woo)

Longtime CSL contributor and expert photographer Derrick Woo shares 5 tips on how to get those perfect summer shots.

1. Use your flash - Even though we typically associate the summer with being sun filled, more light also means more shadows. Using a flash counterbalances those nasty shadows so everything is more evenly lit. When taking pictures of people, watch for shadows under the nose and eyes.

2. Don't use your flash - Contrary to the previous tip, sometimes shadows help convey or enhance the mood of a photo, especially with candids.

3. Hit the great outdoors - People are not the only ones coming out of hibernation. Animals and bugs are too. Take advantage of the warm temperature and photograph the wildlife. Be careful with flashes and noisy zooms as they may scare off your subjects.

4. Polarizing filters - These are useful for reducing reflections on some surfaces, darkening skies, and enhancing those summer colours. Lakes and rivers may appear clearer as well due to fewer reflections. These filters work wonders for landscape photos.

5. Let the kids out the house - Let's face it: nobody knows how to enjoy the summer like kids. Be there to capture those fun moments.

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