Friday, June 25, 2010


Finally, finally the summer solstice is passed and officially summer is here in Calgary. CSL spotted quite a few gardens in bloom.

Daisies sometimes come across as pedestrian, but they are jolly flowers.

Symbolism: Innocence, purity, gentleness

Message in the Language of Flowers: "You have as many virtues as this plant has petals" or "I will consider your request"

White Daisy: Feeling of affection

The smell of lilacs is divine and the shades of purple from deep indigo to white are startling.
Symbolism: first love, fastidiousness
Message in the Language of Flowers: “A tribute to your beauty and spirituality (white), ” “ You are my first love (purple) ”
Purple Lilac: first emotion of love
White Lilac: youthful innocence

A deep purple iris amidst its own foliage.
Symbolism: warm affection, faith, hope

Message in the Language of Flowers: "Your friendship means so much to me, "You have set my heart a-glow"

Purple Iris: wisdom, compliments, ardour

A lone clematis on the vine.

Symbolism: ingenuity, artifice, artfulness, mental beauty
Message in the Language of Flowers: "I pay tribute to your brilliance and cleverness,"
Purple Clematis: wisdom, compliments

A pair of deeply coloured tulips

Symbolism: avowal, declaration of love

Message in the Language of Flowers: “By this token I declare my passion,” "As the redness of this flower, so I am on fire with love"

Red Tulip: irresistible love

Beautiful red blooms that we at CSL were unable to identify, perhaps a variety of tulip.

Gorgeous peony.

Symbolism: contrition, shyness and beauty, happy life, happy marriage
Message in the Language of Flowers: “I beg forgiveness for by brusqueness”
Pink Peony: romance, prosperity

The elegant stems of a calla lily.

Symbolism: magnificence, beauty

Message in the Language of Flowers: “I am in awe of your magnificent beauty”

Purple calla lily: feminine beauty

Could not resist another peony - this time an almost neon pink.

The acorns on this pine tree look almost like candles.

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Seto_uri887 said...

Holy, those flowers are absolutely georgous.

Whitchurch-Stouffville flowers said...

Flowers are perfect for any occasion. Different flowers have different meanings and they come in variety of colors. Besides this there are some traditional flowers also which are used for prayers and other traditional events.

LollipopMoon said...

Love all the flowers..Beautiful

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