Monday, August 2, 2010


Nassau to be exact. One CSL team enjoyed a breezy, colourful time at Compass Point Beach Resort. Just minutes from the airport on the Western side of New Providence (in Gambier), the hotel is well known for its spectacular sunsets. Under new management the hotel is staying true to its musical past (it has long been associated with musicians and boasts a recording studio nearby) while updating its laid back vibe.

A pastel pink colonial building with a statue of Christopher Columbus greets visitors in Nassau.

The islands are noted for their conch (tasty in a conch salad).

The beautiful acqua waters in front of Compass Point are home to several species of fish. Our team enjoyed calm waters every single day of their stay. "Just looking at the water rejuvenates your soul," said one CSL staffer.
The hotel's buildings are painted in vibrant primary colours.

A rooster stands atop the outdoor shower near the hotel's dock.

The hotel's dock is serene and floats above the water. At night diners can request to have their meals on the dock, when blue lights emerge from the water.

A breakfast time meal of lox and bagel. The spectacular views of the ocean while eating are just another inducement.

A lobster salad on toast from the dinner time appetizer menu.

One day a sailboat drifted by our room, its colourful sail echoing the colours of the hotel.

Look for more on Compass Point Beach Resort in the Winter 2010/2011 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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