Sunday, October 10, 2010


Some members of CSL really like beer, others will drink it but not very often, and then there are those who do not particularly like the taste.

Welcome to the game changer - Innis and Gunn. EVERYONE loves it. EVERYONE has been raving about it. EVERYONE enjoys the taste. (This includes the non-beer drinkers).

Why? It tastes completely different to every other beer we have ever had. Made in Scotland, the beer undergoes an oak aging process. It lends a subtle sweetness to the beer and rids it of the sometimes unpleasant bitterness that beer can have.

The gift box (pictured) is now in stores and features a branded glass, a bottle of the highland cask (a favourite here at CSL), a bottle of winter beer and a bottle of the original. Guess, who were the first in line to pick up a pack?

Look for more on Innis and Gunn in an upcoming issue of City Style and Living magazine.

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