Sunday, March 6, 2011


A sign welcomes guests to the 2011 Pastry Chef Showcase

A silent auction was also a feature of the event

Cookies made especially for the event were marked Pastry Chef Guild of Alberta

Wines were on offer

The creation from Wilde Grainz Artisan Bakery

Ales from Wild Rose Brewery complimented the offerings

Andrew Kazakoff owner and chef of Whippt Desserts (along with Alison LaFrance) prepares his People's Choice Award winning dessert

A closer look at the strawberry cream cheese mousse, flourless dark chocolate and cashew truffle cake, warm banana caramel beignet, chocolate cherry caramel

One of the mouth watering creations from Teatro pastry Chef Gary Dong

A flower capped off the dessert from Sirocco Golf Club

Two pastry chefs from Sheraton Eau Claire stand before their creations

The desserts, inspired by Marie Antoinette were served in edible chocolate cups with tuile spoons (so creative and cute)

A crowd gathers inside Sirocco Golf Club

A display of nougat from the SAIT Baking and Pastry Arts Students

The students at SAIT also offered this chocolate dessert with a berry coulis

The pastry team from Rush


divine dessert from Rush that featured a textural crunch and cream filling

Katelin Bland the pastry chef of Ranchman's Club

The bright and colourful creation of Katelin Bland

Spring inspired display from Qzina

A colourful display from Papa Chocolat

Two desserts from Panino Bakery in Canmore

Pastry Chef Karine Moulin of the Hyatt presented a beautiful dessert

Newfoundland native Cory Ledrew Executive Sous Chef (left) and Dimuth Sepala Sous chef both of the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

A tray of pastries from the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge awaits eager guests

A closeup of the pastry creation from the team at Jasper Park Lodge

A chef from Delta Bow valley with his adorable baby

Pastry from the pastry team at Delta Bow Valley

A delicious almond pastry from Delta Bow Valley

A meringue pastry from Delta Bow Valley

The People's Choice Award given by President of the Pastry Chef Guild of Alberta Andreas Schwarzer and Lindt

Chefs all received a beautiful gift from sponsor Lindt

And the winners.... Whippt Desserts' Andrew Kazakoff and Alison LaFrance
with Guy Leggatt, Executive Chef at Siraia Restaurant at Sirocco Golf Club

Sure was ....The Sweet Life At Its Best (this year's theme) as a crowd gathered at Sirocco Golf Club Sunday March 6 2011 for an amazing showcase from some of Calgary (and Canmore's) best pastry chefs. The event was organized by the Pastry Chef Guild of Alberta in support of L'arche Calgary.
Attendees were wowed by the display of cakes, chocolates, mousses and pastries from Calgary's finest restaurants including Delta Bow Valley, Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, Hyatt Regency Calgary, Panino Bakery, Papa Chocolat, The Ranchmen's Club, Rush Restaurant, SAIT Baking and Pastry Arts Students, Sheraton Eau Claire, Teatro, Whippt, Wilde Grainz Artisan Bakery.

"We are so happy to be having this event here in this beautiful setting. All the chefs were so gracious to participate," said said Alison LaFrance, owner of Whippt, pastry chef at Sirocco Golf Club and treasurer of the Pastry Chef Guild of Alberta.
The event was sponsored by CTV, and Lindt among others and guests received ballots to vote for their favourite creation. The winner of the People's Choice Award was Whippt.

"We want this to be a first class event so we've focused on quality over quantity," said Andreas Schwarzer "There is a lot of focus on the culinary side and we wanted to bring attention to pastry."

Not only was this a beautifully organized event but a
Clark Adams, of the Pastry Chef Guild of Alberta suggested pairings with Wild Rose Brewery ale. "The Brown ale pairs well with dark chocolate truffles. The raspberry ale works well with chocolate that is not too dark."

From whimsical Marie Antoinette inspired chocolate tea cup with a spoonful of sugar to a classic mousse to a daring take on a banana split CSL was impressed by the jovial atmosphere, the generosity of the chefs and the beautifully organized event. So sweet
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