Monday, May 16, 2011


The majestic Rocky Mountains on the way to Banff

The event was held at the Fairmont Banff Springs on a beautiful spring day

A representative from Oyster Bay wines from New Zealand

Saskatoon berry tarts from Sunshine Mountain Lodge

The appropriately (period) attired staff from Steam Whistle

An area devoted to cheese from Springbank Cheese

Ready to fill up guests plates with a variety of blue, soft and hard cheeses

The showcase - complete with a glass display

A representative from Sledgehammer wines is all smiles

On-site songstress Karen Thirlwall

Nesters Market - provided tasty hummus, Raincoast crisps and other delights

A beaming Van Gogh's Vodka representative

Nefiss Lezizz olives, olive oil and skin care products come from Turkey are an authentic taste, and smell of the prized fruit

Jack Daniels - a man known to many and loved by all

Cans of country cocktails from Jack Daniels - great idea

Grey Monk wine representatives

Great local products - sodas and beer from microbrewery Grizzly Paw Brewery in Canmore - the company also has a restaurant onsite

CSL staffers especially enjoyed the ginger beer which had a subtle yet still discernible ginger taste

Delectable liqueurs with unusual flavours such West Indies Ginger, Madagascar Vanilla and Abricot du Roussillon among others

Belgian beer Duvel

Fuller's beer from the United Kingdom

The team from the Fairmont Banff Springs

A sushi offering from the Fairmont Banff Springs

A rice wrap from the Fairmont Banff Springs

A chef from the Elk and Oarsman/St. James Gate Restaurant

A shrimp cup from the Elk and Oarsman/St. James Gate Restaurant

The ladies of Dirty Laundry winery from Summerland the Okanagan Valley

Nice product branding from Dirty Laundry with clothespins - cute

The winery's bottles tell another story under the microscope and quite a risque one - part of the history of the winery

Corona's Negra Modelo

Limited edition bottles from Corona - get them fast

Display of a barrel of beer from Corona

The team from the Bison in Banff prepares dishes for guests

Banff Ave. Brewing Co. had a nice display of malt grains and printed jute bags

A delightful smile from a chef from Banff Ave. Brewing Co.

The Balvenie whiskey

Chocolate covered strawberries from Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut

Another successful year of the Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival took place May 13-14 2011 at the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel in Banff.

Majestic mountains provided the backdrop for the two day festival which brought together wine purveyors, restaurants, breweries and spirits retailers. A jovial crowd enjoyed sampling food, wine, desserts, cheese, music and much more.

CSL loved the variety of products and the friendly, informative purveyors who gave impressive insights into their products. From a winery with a past as a brothel, to a microbrewery dedicated to a range of sodas and beers to the continued success of a favourite chocolatier the festival was a wonderful time.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Calgary Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival in Fall 2011.

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