Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Amity Vineyards bottles

Staete Landt wine representative pours wine for an attendee

Q Haute Cuisine serves mini quiches

Ca'Del Bosco representative pours Cuvee Prestige NV

A closer look at the selections from Ca'Del Bosco

A tasting of the various wines

Bottles from Il Poggione

Q Haute cuisine's couscous salad and lentil salad served (appropriately) atop wine boxes

A representative from Vina Echeverria pours wine for an attendee

Tasting the wines and getting expert knowledge

Q Haute Cuisine served appetizers such as these olives

A closer look at the food served by Q Haute Cuisine

Staete Landt bottles ready for pouring

Ian Hollick of Hollick Wines in Australia discusses his winery with guests

A group of guests gather to hear from Vina Echeverria's representative

Myron Bedford of Amity Vineyards

Saverio Schiralli Agencies New Portfolio Wine Tasting on the afternoon of May 9th at Q Haute Cuisine featured the wines of Vina Echeverria (Chile), Il Poggione (Italy), Craggy Range (New Zealand), Vina Sena (Chile), Amity Vineyards (USA), Hollick Wines (Australia), Mitchell Winery (Australia), Ca'Del Bosco (Italy), Lyeth Estate (USA), Pine Ridge Winery (USA), Ridge Vineyards (USA), Staete Landt (New Zealand).

Q Haute Cuisine, where the event was held, provided appetizers such as cured salmon, frittatas, bread sticks and olives from Chef Aurigemma and his team.

Guests sipped wine and spoke directly to winemakers and owners getting insight into each of the wines featured.



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