Wednesday, June 22, 2011


An aerial view of Grand Cayman

The nurse sharks at the Turtle Farm

This large turtle was having a ball swimming around

The elusive (and endangered) Blue iguana

A view from the beach at Rum Point

We were startled when we heard a cannon shot from the Pirate Ship, an attraction
on the island

The view from historic Pedro St. James

Friendly Tony (not pictured) and Charmaine (please forgive us if we have the wrong name) from Mr. Willy's fruit stand with a beautiful display of mangoes (dozens of juicy and delicious varieties)

crunchy and sweet conch at the cracked conch

The pool view at the Westin Casuarina

The Grand Caymanian hotel right on the water
Photos K&S Media

CSL has just returned from the island of Grand Cayman in the West Indies. We thoroughly enjoyed our time, feasting on succulent mangoes, and dining at a range of amazing restaurants as well as staying at the beautiful Westin Casuarina and Grand Caymanian hotels.

CSL was visited by the Blue Iguana. We saw nurse sharks, visited the turtle farm, had adventures on a submarine, visited an historic house and swam with stingrays in the middle of the warm ocean.

We at the CSL magazine looks forward to sharing our time with you our readers very soon.

Read more in the Fall 2011 issue of City Style and Living magazine

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