Saturday, September 10, 2011


Some of makeup artist Anna McKenzie's favourite tools

Anna carefully applies red lips- a must for a glamorous look

Shot during the summer heat, the beautiful Tara Slone in front of Teatro

Photography K&S Media; and Derrick Woo. Hair by K&S Media; Makeup Anna MacKenzie; Shot on location at Teatro


1. CITY STYLE AND LIVING (CSL) : How did you decide to make the transition from Opera to 'rock', at the beginning of your career?

TARA SLONE (TS): I’ve always loved both rock and classical music, I just happened to sing opera. When I started my music degree, it didn’t take long before I realized that I didn’t have the discipline or drive to sustain an opera career; all of my friends were out drinking beer, and I was stuck in a rehearsal room. Being in a rock band meant I could sing AND drink beer at the same time! : )

2. (CSL): Tell us about your involvement with BT (how this came about), and what it is like to be on television every morning in a 'talk show' environment rather than performing on stage?

(TS): After a decade on the road with my band, I got my first broadcasting job in Toronto in 2007. The opportunity to host BT Calgary was presented to me last summer, and after much contemplation and in consultation with my fiancĂ©, we decided it would be a good move. We packed up and moved across the country in August 2010, and it’s been a wild ride! The schedule has taken some getting used to (I wake up at 3:30 AM), but I love the content, pace, and variety of my job.

3. (CSL) : How has motherhood affected (or not) your personal style?

(TS): Since I’ve gotten close to my pre-pregnancy weight, and I am no longer wearing nursing bras, I would say my style isn’t that different from before I was pregnant. I probably do spend more time in flats – heels and playgrounds don’t mix!

4. (CSL) : What are a few items viewers would be surprised are in your bag at all times, and what can you not live without in your life?

(TS): I think the contents of my bag are fairly conventional: makeup, hand lotion, hand sanitizer etc. The only thing that’s slightly out of the ordinary is that I never leave home without double-sided tape. You never know when that will come in handy, and there would be nothing funny about a wardrobe malfunction on live TV! I also keep hot sauce and soy sauce on my desk at work for a little added flavour.

5. (CSL) : Your first band was Joydrop, Tell us 3 things that bring you joy in your everyday life

(TS): My daughter, Audrey; My fiancé, Joe; Music

6. (CSL) : Why is singing fulfilling to you?

(TS): I’m not quite sure how to answer this question... Singing makes me feel whole, complete. Without music, my soul would suffer.

7. (CSL) : Can we look forward to any releases from you in the near future?

(TS): I’m not working on any recorded projects at the moment, but I am playing in a couple of local projects. Never say never!

8. (CSL) : What is your favourite breakfast meal?

(TS): I can never say no to a good, hearty plate of eggs, home fries, and sausages, with some grilled tomatoes.

9. (CSL) : What is your 'signature look'?

(TS): My look at work is different from my off-camera look, though I’m comfortable with both. On BT I try to dress in bright colours and look well put together. At home and when I’m out on the town my inner rocker comes through, so I’m partial to wearing black, leather, jeans etc.

10. (CSL) : Favourite thing to do in Calgary?

(TS): I love hitting all the farmer’s markets around town with my family, and I love going out to eat!

Catch Tara Slone Weekdays on Breakfast Television Calgary,

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