Monday, October 31, 2011


The bites: a selection of cheese, pate and crackers to compliment the array of port.

The Winemaker : David Guimaraens

The cocktail: Croft Pink Port and sparkling wine: CSL coined this as the 'signature drink' for the magazine

All photos K&S Media

It was a treat to have winemaker (and part of the Fonseca/ Fladgate family), lead a port seminar including: Taylor Fladgate vintage 1985 Porto, Fonseca Vintage 2007 Porto, Croft
Vintage 2007 Porto, Taylor Fladgate Vintage 2009 Porto, Fonseca Vintage 2009 Porto, Croft Vintage 2009 Porto.

From the rust/ inky 1985 vintage Taylor Fladgate with a long finish, and delicate yet full bodied and refined structure to the tannic and eucalyptus notes of the 2009 croft vintage port, each of the six ports at the tasting were unique with something for every palate.

The Croft Pink, a youthful pink port (new to the market) makes an excellent variation on a kir royale with sparkling wine or champagne.

As one of the largest Port houses,
Fonseca Guimaraens (Fonseca) maintains an estate in Quinta do Panascal Portugal and remains a leader in the market.

Perfect to pair with dessert, or as an after dinner appertif, Port is the certainly the new black. Saude!

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