Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The Jameson (and Red Breast) bottles, ready for tasting

Jars of Barley vs. malted barley

Amy O'Sullivan talks about Jameson Irish Whiskey

The selection for the tasting

The bartenders enjoy their whiskey (with a drop of water)
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The Calgary Bartenders Association held a Jameson Irish Whiskey tasting at Milk Tiger Lounge, hosted by Brand ambassador Amy O'Sullivan.

From the difference among Scotch whiskey, American, whiskey, Canadian whiskey and Irish whiskey to the definition (and by that we mean trying it firsthand) of pickleback, to the meaning of the logo on the bottle (it was a family crest), the tasting was an interesting look into the world of Irish whiskey. The group tasted several whiskey from Jameson including the famed Red Breast, 12 year old, 18 year old and Gold Reserve.

Best of all - the hands of many a familiar face raised in toast at the long bar at Milk Tiger Lounge.


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