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The tasting for the evening: wine and doughnuts

 Chef Grayson Sherman talks about the ingredients that go into his doughnuts, adding proudly, "our doughnuts are similar to a European pastry (brioche) rather than a typical doughnut.  This is an opportunity of doing something esoteric, donuts and wine."

Sebastian (Co-op Wines and Spirits) pours the Batasiolo Moscato d'Asti


The selection of bottles from Co-op Wines and spirits: (left to right): Chocolate Shop, Quinta de Vertozelo, Luxardo Limoncello, Deerfield Red Rex 2007, Fresita sparkling wine, Sortilege, Batasiolo Moscato D'Asti, Birichino Malvasia Bianca.

Sommelier Events Manager Erin Rosar, welcomes guests, "What could be better on a Friday night than wine and doughnuts", she adds with a smile.


The selection of doughnuts from Jelly Modern. Clockwise from top left: Valrhona Chocolate Cabernet Sauvignon + Hazelnut; Chèvre + orange zest; Lemon basil; Maple Bacon; Walnut glaze with Port Poached Pears; Strawberries + Champagne.
  Photography K&S Media Copyright 2012

It was a sweet evening at The Oakridge Co-op Wines and Spirits Tasting room for a pairing of wine, spirits and doughnuts with Chef Grayson Sherman of Jelly Modern and Erin Rosar, sommelier events manager at Co-op Wines and Spirits. 

Sherman is thorough in crafting each doughnut flavour - inspired by childhood flavours, classic recipes and travel the resulting one-of-a kind treats were created especially for the evening.  The dough is made with organic flour, which means the doughnuts are meant to be eaten fresh (reducing their shelf life).  Everything is taken into account, including the ambient temperature in order to create the perfect dough.  The unique 3 bite size allows customers to "eat two doughnuts without feeling guilty," adds Sherman. He also uses a combination of organic and local ingredients and a combination of palm oil and canola.

The top filled doughnuts allow for the 'corporate culture' and everyday customer to eat the treats without the filling squirting onto their clothing.  With a plethora of unique if unusual flavours, Sherman has found ingenious ways to use the doughnuts. "I've stuffed turkey's and made burgers with them. there are no boundaries with doughnuts."

Chef Sherman's inspiration for each doughnuts, and Rosar's choice for wine pairings: 
Signature Cocktail: Jelly doughnut shooter - Bailey's and Chambord

1. DOUGHNUT: Valrhona Chocolate Cabernet Sauvignon + Hazelnut: "I wanted to do a version of my Cabernet sauvignon tart. I use Valrhona bittersweet single vineyard Caraibe chocolate (72%), which has the same tannins as a good bottle of wine. I make a ganache with creme fraiche and top with toasted filberts."

WINES TO PAIR: Deerfield, Red Rex 2007 from Sonoma, Chocolate Shop, Quinta de Ventozelo

2. DOUGHNUT: Chèvre + orange zest: "I was inspired by cream cheese icing that you get on a carrot cake, but I wanted to use a higher acidity goat cheese that was bright and wouldn't clog your palate. Essentially the glaze is 1/3 butter, orange zest, orange flower water and goat cheese."

WINES TO PAIR: Batasiolo Moscato D'Asti, Luxardo Limoncello

3. DOUGHNUT: Lemon basil: "I wanted the clean crisp smell that's in a lemon. The lemon curd cuts through the richness so it doesn't become cloyingly sweet."

WINES TO PAIR: Batasiolo Moscato D'Asti, Luxardo Limoncello

4. DOUGHNUT: Maple Bacon: "I was proven wrong that it is a 'guy doughnut', it hits the sweet, salty, crunchy and patriotic spots. The icing is like fudge; it's made like a beurre noisette, with a carmelized flavour. This reminds me of my mom's spice cake with brown butter frosting."

WINES TO PAIR: Sortilege

5. DOUGHNUT: Walnut glaze with Port Poached Pears: "The inspiration for this was a cheese board, with dried fruit- that raisin and caramel. I made a reduction of port syrup glaze, port, pear, black peppercorns and toasted walnuts. There are layers of flavour, smokey and savoury."

WINES TO PAIR: Quinta de Vertozelo

6. DOUGHNUT: Strawberries + Champagne: "I made an airy champagne butter cream with fresh strawberries."

WINES TO PAIR: Batasiolo Moscato D'Asti

 A Jelly Modern food truck is in the works, which will serve doughnuts, fudge and sliders!


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