Thursday, March 17, 2016


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Burgers created from the Create your Taste Menu at McDonalds Canada

Greeted by a smiling guest experience leader, CSL was lead to the new McDonalds Canada Create Your Taste™ menu, a customization and touch screen process that is a game changer.  There are 30 options including five types of cheeses, 12 toppings, two buns, a lettuce wrap and nine sauces (our faves include the sriracha and garlic aioli sauce).

The process is fun, easy and quick, with our order being delivered in about 8 minutes. A staff member delivered our customized order right to our table- we loved the french fries served in wire baskets and burger served on a wooden board- cute touches and very gastropub chic!

For dessert, we tried the new selection of items from McCafĂ©® Bakery including freshly baked croissants (from France no less), made with butter, and cream cheese danish, both baked fresh that day.

The Create Your Taste™ menu is now available at stores across Calgary- see how many interesting combo's you can make yourself!

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