Tuesday, July 6, 2010


1. Jesus Navas - the sensitive soul

2. Iker Casillas - the man of courage and passion

3. David Villa - the nice guy

4. Xabi Alonso - the intense man

5. Gerard Pique - the statesman (he may be 23 but he has a mature bearing)

Ok, so we may have emphasized the aesthetic appeal too much, but their soccer/football skills are not bad either.

If we haven't articulated our love for the Spanish National team, well now seems like an appropriate time (just look at them). CSL predicted the success of the team in this 2010 world cup months ago, and every game, the players prove their standing. From the unparalleled skills of goalkeeper Iker Casillas (we predicted his blossoming career when we first noticed his mad skills as a youngster in the 2002 world cup, where he was a standout), to the jaw dropping feats of forward David Villa (he just seems like a little kid full of excitement when he scores), Cesc Fabrigas, the defensive agility of Pique, and Xabi and Xavi are pretty great too.

The team is full of really elegant and 'clean' players, with only one yellow card to date. Sometimes criticized for mediocre playing, we believe our Spaniards are saving the best for the finals. Wait and watch.

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