Saturday, July 3, 2010


Photography K&S Media

We decided to try some chocolate bars from Dylan's Candy Bar, available at Holt Renfrew. Dylan Lauren, (daughter of Mr. Ralph Lauren himself) always had a penchant for candy, and in 2001, she opened her first boutique in New York. Now, with over 5000 candy choices and several locations, Dylan is the female Willy Wonka.
The flavours: "the it bar", Dark Chocolate with sea salt, and Dark chocolate iwht strawberry and champange
The Verdict: Texture wise, the smoothness of the chocolate is not overwhelmingly smooth or creamy, and does not have the noticele crack, when broken, often found in high quality chocoalte. The sea salt bar was noticeably "salty", as opposed to more delicate fleur de sel chocoalte bars we have tasted. However, all in all the it bar will do in a crunch. Speaking of crunch, the strawberry and champagne was fruity, in a sour candy, chemical kind of way, with only a slight fizz in the pieces of interspersed strawberry candy in the bar. Again, the chocolate was nothing to rave about but ok.
Overall, though not our favourite chocolate of all time, the bars are beautifully packaged, and a nice snack. You could well cut the bar into pieces and put into your chocolate chip cookie batter for a bit of a surprise.

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