Monday, May 12, 2008


One of the great treats to living in Calgary is visiting any one of our Farmers Markets. This weekend, the staff at CSL decided to take a drive down to the Crossroads Market in the SouthEast (we realized this after a fateful wrong stop at the OLD location in the North. Calgary has changed just a bit over the years).
Enjoying the natural bustle of the crowds, we were naturally reminded of the markets of some our travels (including our time in France, the Caribbean and South America). The 'flea market' within the walls of Crossroads was a charming detour. Rows of vintage cd's, Diana and Charles memorabilia (will this be worth something ,someday?), stamps and glassware fill the flea market.
The Say Cheese Fromagerie Inc. is an emporium of imported and domestic cheese (TRY THE CANADIAN AGED CHEDDAR from Ontario - subtly sweet, with a crumbly, texture and pale yellow colour).

photo: Copyright 2008 K&S Media

We selected a small platter for our annual SURVIVOR party (it just happens to be one of those obnoxious guilty pleasures).

The subtly strong cheese paired nicely with an inexpensive (but oh so good) Banrock Station sparkling Chardonnay.

Also, while at the market we purchased fresh cherry tomatoes, which we had with a nice blue cheese dressing the next day. The tomatoes needed a little more ripening, but a brown bag and a couple of hours would do the trick (that, or a nice roasting in the oven with some olive oil, garlic and basil).

photo: Copyright 2008 K&S Media

Another interesting treat was to try a sunchoke. Resembling a small demented potato, with the taste and texture of a water chestnut, the sunchoke is native to North America. It's beautiful flowers look like a sunflower (hence the name). We simply boiled these and had a lovely mesclun salad.

photo: Copyright 2008 K&S Media

This certainly will not be our last visit. More to come.

Read more about our market explorations in the SUMMER 2008 issue of City Style and Living: To Market To Market.

Crossroads Market : 1235 - 26 Avenue SE ;


Anonymous said...

These are great little tubers, can we get them at the market all year round?

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!I love Banrock Station wines great idea.

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