Tuesday, May 31, 2011


After an extensive renovation Joey Eau Claire has reopened

These huge tree trunks are featured as part of the new decor

The menu for the sneak peak party

A waitress serves up tuna tacos

A closer look at the tuna tacos which were crispy and flavourful

A waitress ready to take your order at the bar - which looks onto the patio

Chefs Wallace and Stookes (perfect names for a comedy duo) and lovely guys

The chefs demonstrate how to make soy rolls with flying fish roe, daikon sprouts, rice and wasabi, and tempura shrimp

Instead of nori the rolls featured soy sheets made from the skin of soy milk (available online)

Specially made holders for the rolls feature the Joey logo and the ingredients for a roll

The completed rolls - each soy skin was a different colour - delicious

The beautifully constructed pizza/stone oven. The bricks were salvaged from cobblestone streets in the United States - the brick company's unique marking are still visible.

A chef uses the oven for pizza

The chefs prepare a pizza featuring arugula, olives and meat

A closer look at a pizza

The patio is open - hanging baskets ready for guests

A blueberry mojito

A chef prepares the lobster grilled cheese

A friendly waitress ready with appetizers

A close up of the lobster grilled cheese sandwich and dipping sauce

A focal point at the restaurant the uber cool Enomatic machine

Chefs in the kitchen

The crowd at the restaurant

A chef shows off his knife skills

Butter chicken

The ever sweet and likeable Executive chef Chris Mills

Apple tarts with caramel sauce

Recently renovated, Joey Eau Claire is the new kid in town. Rustic, modern decor (many pieces salvaged like the bricks in the kitchen and some of the tables. The space feel cozy, with a dark gray palette accented with wood. Reminiscent of an old farmhouse with wooden beam drop ceilings, stone detailing and leather seating, the space is warm and inviting.

Executive Chef Chris Mills greeted guests, who feasted on signature Joey menu options, like the lobster grilled cheese, tuna tacos and warm apple pie.

As always Summer cocktails and wine were on order, our favourites included the St. Germaine spritz and blueberry mojito with perfumed fresh fruit from the muddled berries. Another favourtie was the Sandhill (Okanagan) Cabernet Merlot, oaky, fruity and with smooth tannins this was a hit.

Interactive and friendly as always Chefs Wallace and Stookes taught CSL how to wrap our own take on a traditional tuna cone (this version was made from soy wrappers). Delicious, fresh and crunchy, this was one of the stars of the show and abundant with sticky rice, tempura shrimp, tobiko roe and vegetables.

The new Enomatic wine technology allows for more sampling by the glass, preserving the freshness of each bottle of wine (currently 14 wines are on this list). It was a focal point for the restaurant where guests gathered eagerly.

This is the new look of Joeys and we like it.

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