Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Bottles of Licor 43 and El Amo Tequila

Jimmy Nguyen of the forthcoming Brix and Morsel mixes up Licor 43 Sour

Licor 43 Sour

Stephen Phipps (Model Milk) at the Old Julius station

Philippe Grandbois of Grandbois Consulting Inc.

The team from Diner Deluxe

Franz Swinton serving edible cocktails

Resembling a marshmallow in both taste and texture - these were a real treat - they even featured popping candy

Inside the kitchen the staff were preparing treats featuring what else? Eggs!

Oatmeal spoons

Chocolate eclairs

Chocolate Easter eggs

The egg decorating station

Some final pieces at the egg decorating station
Photography by K&S Media 2012

When the Calgary Bartender's Association paired with Licor 43 to host an Easter Egg hunt at Diner Deluxe the only question for guests was: Where are all the eggs hiding? Cleverly, the Calgary Bartender's Association chose to hide theirs in delicious cocktails made with Licor 43 (and of course egg whites and yolks), while Diner Deluxe chose to hide theirs in mini-treats like eclairs and quail's egg toasts (not pictured). Some eggs, however were in full view - as multi-coloured chocolate egg treats, and egg decorations.

CSL's favourite tipple of the night was the Licor 43 sour. "That drink really works well. But Licor 43 can also be sipped as a digestif," said Philippe Grandbois who is associated with the brand. Made in Spain from 43 ingredients, Licor 43 is a smooth yellow liqueur with citrus and vanilla notes. Shrouded in secrecy, the brand's exact ingredients are known only to a select few.

Another standout of the night was the edible cocktail made by Jimmy Nguyen of the forthcoming Brix and Morsel. Topped with vibrant popping candy and presented in neat paper baking cups it was another delicious way to enjoy Licor 43.

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