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Long, lazy days spent with family and friends are just the kind of way we love spending our summer vacays!  And what better way to bring together people than great food and drink.  We love entertaining outdoors where guests can mingle, grab some bites and sip cool drinks. Or, for another great indulgence we prepare a Sunday brunch.

Anyone who comes to one of our fetes knows that we love our sparkling wine.  In fact, consumption of Italian sparkling wines in Canada has grown more than 14 per cent over the past several years (we knew we weren't alone).

So, we were thrilled to  discover a great addition to our summer soirees or matinees - La Marca Prosecco.  Founded 40 years ago, La Marca is a cooperative representing 5,000 local winegrowers who farm more than 17,000 acres in the Veneto region of northern Italy. The result?  A prosecco with a clean, refreshing style with a delicate, floral palate and bright acidity that pairs wonderfully with fresh summer treats (recipes below). Winemaker Fabrizio Gatto sums up the La Marca Prosecco's appeal. “We believe that Prosecco is not a special occasion wine: it’s for every day because it has a refreshing style and is a versatile pairing for a wide range of foods.”

No summer brunch could go without a touch of pretty d├ęcor- why not incorporate La Marca’s signature blue and silver colour palatte into napkins, plate chargers and tablecloths and don’t forget a shiny silver bucket to chill your prosecco!

We hope you try out these easy to make recipes at your next summer brunch.  Cheers to summer! The best news is that La Marca is widely available in retail stores for under $20 (a bargain).

Recipes to try at your next summer brunch:


Why not mix up an easy aperitif cocktail like La Marca’s Elderflower Fizz:


1/2 part Elderflower Liqueur
Top with La Marca Prosecco
Add Elderflower Liqueur to the bottom of a chilled champagne flute and top with La Marca Prosecco. Garnish with a strawberry.

Try this easy (and chef approved) La Marca infused ricotta cheese with herbs, Canadian Prosciutto, wild flower honeycomb, toasted walnuts, and figs glazed in La Marca Prosecco, orange zest (see photo above)

Recipe by: Kevin Prendergast, Executive Chef, Hilton Toronto

500 mL (2 cups) La Marca Prosecco
15 mL (1 tbsp) wild flower honey
2-3 fresh or dried figs
125 mL (1/2 cup) ricotta cheese
3-4 slices, prosciutto
3-4 pieces, toasted walnuts
1 wild flower honey comb
Chives, edible flowers, to garnish


La Marca Prosecco Reduction
500mL (2 cups) La Marca Prosecco
15mL (1 tbsp) Wild flower honey
Combine both ingredients together in sauce pan over medium heat (275F) and reduce until light golden syrupy consistency about ¼ of a cup remaining and cool to room temperature.

Glazed Figs
2-3 fresh or dried figs, quartered
30ml (2 tbsp) La Marca Prosecco reduction
Method:  Gently toss the fresh or dried figs into the La Marca Prosecco reduction and set aside to marinate.

La Marca Prosecco Spiked Ricotta with Fresh Herbs
125mL (½ cup) ricotta cheese
5mL (1 tsp) La Marca Prosecco reduction
Handful of chopped chives
Method:  Combine ingredients in a small mixing bowl and mix well, season with salt and pepper to taste and set aside in the fridge.

Plate assembly: With a small spatula, spread 50 grams of La Marca infused ricotta. Place 3-4 slices prosciutto, 3-4 pieces toasted walnuts, wild flower honeycomb and edible flower garnish on the La Marca ricotta in an artistic fashion. Serves 2 as a shared plate.  Enjoy!

Chef notes:  Wild Flower honeycomb, edible flowers as well as seedling are available at most gourmet grocery stores.

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