Tuesday, October 9, 2012


 Alberto Zenato of Zenato

A representative for Begali (the family is currently in harvest time)

Luca Speri of Speri

 Maddalena Pasqua di Bisceglie of Musella

Martina Fornaser of Nicolis

Sabrina Tedeschi of Tedeschi with Richmond Hill Wines

The Venturini family

To loosely paraphrase Margaret Mead never doubt that a small group of dedicated families can change the world's views.  The Amarone Families certainly do not doubt it.  Concerned by large scale production, sales strategies and quality, an association of twelve producers including Allegrini, Begali, Brigaldara, Masi, Musella, Nicolis, Speri, Tedeschi, Tenuta Sant'Antoni, Tommasi, Venturini, and Zenato formed the Amarone Families to promote their wine worldwide.  

From Valpolicella, in the north west of Italy near Verona, Amarone (which comes from the word meaning bitter in Italian due to a mistake in the winemaking process centuries ago led to its creation) is made with indigenous grape varieties of corvina, rondinella, and molinara.  The grapes are placed in small boxes for drying for three to four months after which they are crushed and fermented, then aged in oak barrels.

The luscious results?  Low acidity full bodied and 'raisiny' red wines with soft tannins, that easily pair with food and very easy to drink.

Producers, and family members from several Amarone wineries led guests at Willow Park Wines and Spirits through tastings of their products.  Chatting with enthusiastic guests and educating the crowd emphasized their warmth and true Italian hospitality.

CSL may just have found a few new favourite red wines.  

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